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Amina’s dance history like many others, started at a young age. She studied modern dance with Kathryn Majors and later studied modern dance at Virginia Tanner’s Dance Center. Amina is an inspirational, articulated and highly educated instructor.  She has enchanted audiences and mentored students; performing and teaching at festivals, seminars and productions throughout her dance profession.  She has traveled and studied with legendary masters of the dance, honing and expanding skills and abilities that enhance her dance style.  She is soulful and heartfelt in her performances. 


Her stylized training includes classic Raks Sharki, Armenian, Turkish, Lebanese, Tunisian, Zambra Mora, Ghawazii, Folk, Debke, Berber line dance, and Saudi: Khalleegy along with various props to enhance performances.


In Amina’s desire to learn, she became mesmerized, intrigued and is now Teacher Certified in American Tribal Style by Carolena Nericcio, creator of ATS. From the evolvement of ATS came Tribal fusion, which opened up a whole other world.  Having strong roots with her classic dance knowledge, she is taking her expression to new heights fusing and experimenting: mixing new concepts with old. Above all, Amina’s passion is Raks al Sayef, the sword dance.  Invited by Suzy Evans of IAMED, Amina can be seen performing with Desert Orchid Dance Company on the 2003 Rock’n the Casbah DVD.  Amina is notable for her double sword performances. In 2001 – 2005 Amina joined the Desert Orchid Dance Company directed by Zahirah affiliated with the University of Utah’s Middle Easter Outreach Center and the Utah Artist Ethnic Bank. In 2005 – 2008, She joined the Kashmir Dance Company, Utah’s premier ATS dance company directed by Corrie Walker. 2008- 2009, Amina joined Barefoot Belly Dance, Utah’s premier Tribal Fusion/Fire dance company with the emphasis on ATS. She is now concentrating on solo efforts and perfoming with the Davina Tribal Collective.  DTC joined Sister Studio Status with Fat Chance Belly Dance. Creating and releasing our first instructional video "ATSŪ with an Edge"


In addition, Amina has certified with ACE and ACSM for group fitness and personal training, certification for kickboxing, Pilates mat form, Spinning through Madd Dog by Johnny G.